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Ordering Tips and Promo Code

Save on Your First Order

Peapod DeliversHave you been able to shop online with Peapod yet? Recently Peapod sent out a flyer statewide with some helpful tips for ordering groceries online.

$10 will be deducted from your first Peapod order of $50 or more when you enter the valid promotional code in the promotional code box on the home page or at checkout.

Offer limited to the following areas: Chicagoland, Milwaukee, Southeast Wisconsin, Connecticut, Mass, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Limit one coupon for household.

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Get $15 Off Your First Order at with code PPCJ15 through 8/31. Some exclusions apply, see site for details. Shop Today!

Which states does Peapod deliver to?

Peapod delivers to these states: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia, Milwaukee, SE Wisconsin, Chicago too!

Starting July 6, shoppers in Plainfield, Illinois can also enjoy the convenience of online grocery shopping and delivery for their homes and businesses.

Shoppers in the following Plainfield zip codes can join the thousands of satisfied customers in the Chicagoland area who are already enjoying the quality, value and convenience of online grocery shopping and delivery with Peapod.

* 60544 Plainfield
* 60585 Plainfield
* 60586 Plainfield

Schedule a delivery up to 2 weeks in advance and, since we save your cart, you can add to your order throughout the week. So just enter your ZIP code and click GO to start shopping.

* Convenient delivery windows
* Delivery as low as $6.95!

Get $15 Off Your First Order at with code PPCJ15 through 8/31. Some exclusions apply, see site for details. Shop Today!

How Does Ordering with Peapod Work?

When you order online with Peapod, the information and your order gets sent to Chicago Peapod, which is where the main computer is located. The online orders get processed, and sorted and sent to the Peapod closest to you. So it really doesn't matter whether you live by a Peapod service at all. They will find you!

Ordering from Peapod in Advance

You can place your order online up to 2 weeks in advance!

Peapod Questions and Answers

Q: What if Peapod is not in your area?
A: I asked Peapod one time what people needed to do to get a Peapod in their area. They told me that the best way would be for a lot of people requesting it. So you would have get your friends, relatives, neighbors, coworkers, etc. to bombard the Stop and Shop manager there, asking them when they are going to get a Peapod, and even go to the Peapod website and keep putting your zip code in there every day until they realize there is a good demand for the service in that area.

Q: Does Peapod carry everything I can find in my local Stop and Shop?
A: Peapod carries the most popular items which have been requested by our customers. To do our best to bring everything you order, we carefully manage a smaller inventory than is typically carried in a Stop and Shop store.

Q: How do I request an item you don't carry?
A: Let us know. Simply click on Contact Us on the home page and then click on the new product link. We review these suggestions every day, and add new items every week. To view our selection of new items, click on the New Arrivals icon under Browse Aisles.

Q: What happens if an item I've selected is not in stock at the time of delivery?
A: During Checkout, you will be asked to choose a substitution preference for your entire order. We recommend that you select Standard Substitutions so that we may substitute a similar item for an item which may be out of stock. To see which product will be substituted for the item ordered, click on the substitution link. If you do not want that substitution, leave the box unchecked and no substitution will be made. Please note that you can always return a substitute item to your driver for a credit.

Q: Will my ice cream still be frozen when it arrives?
A: Absolutely! We pack your order in insulated delivery containers with dry ice and chill packs, so your frozen food stays frozen, even on the hottest summer days.

Q: Can customers use manufacturer's coupons with Peapod?
A: Customers can redeem valid manufacturer's coupons with Peapod drivers; the coupon is credited to a customer's account. Peapod also features hundreds of weekly specials online.

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