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Celery Growing

This is what celery looks like when you plant it in the garden. It needs a lot of water to grow, and we had a pretty dry summer. I will probably just cut it back this Fall, and chop it up and freeze it for my homemade vegetable soup.

Vegetables should be thoroughly washed, allowed to stand in cold or ice-water until crisp, then drained and spread on a towel and set aside in a cold place until serving time.

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Fruit and Avacodo Salad idea

How To Curl Celery: Cut thick stalks of celery in two-inch pieces. With a sharp knife, beginning at outside of stalks, make five cuts parallel with each other, extending one-third the length of pieces. Make six cuts at right-angles to cuts already made.

Put pieces in cold or ice water and let stand over night or for several hours, when they will curl back, and celery will be found very crisp. Both ends of celery may be curled if one cares to take the trouble.

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