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Betty Crocker 1933 Bisquick Recipes

I can just imagine how excited housewives were when they invented Bisquick. I didn't realize how old Bisquick was, until I came across this Bisquick recipe book from 1933.

If you think about it, this recipe book came out during the Great Depression. That's why it is exciting to see how and what they cooked just to get by.

1933 Bisquick Recipe Cookbook " Delicious Bisquick Creations"

"As Made and Served by
Well-known Gracious Hostesses; Famous Chefs;
Distinguished Epicures and Smart Luminaries of Movieland."

There is also a warning paragraph on the inside cover that says:

" These recipes have been prepared for BISQUICK only. Do not make the mistake of trying to use them with anything else."

Follow the links below to view what's on the inside pages of this old recipe book, along with the recipes and pictures. You can click on the stars pictures to view the page.

Bisquick Biscuits - Many different varieties of Bisquick biscuits, and features Gloria Swanson's favorite Bisquicks.
Bisquick Coffee Cakes - A variety of coffeecakes and sweet rolls, like cinnamon rolls.
Bisquick Short Cakes and Cupcakes - Shortcakes, cupcakes, loaf cake, and featuring America's Sweetheart, Mary Pickford.
Bisquick Cookies - A variety of Bisquick cookies. Original recipes. Features Claudette Colbert.
Bisquick Desserts - Deep dish apple pie, cobblers, pastry, fruit roll, fruit puffs, and features Mrs.John Jerome Finlay.
Bisquick Donuts - Sweet breads like doughnuts, gingerbread and fritters.
Bisquick Muffins - Several varieties of muffin recipes , and Elissa Landi, English star.
Bisquick Quick Breads - Waffles, pancakes, scones, Parkerhouse Rolls, featuring the Comtesse de Frise of New York and Palm Beach, and Mrs. Julian Street Jr. of New York.
Impossible Pies - Recipes not in the book, but well deserving a page on the old recipe book.

Men love Bisquick biscuits

Here's the Bisquick Miracle Way of Making Biscuits

This picture is on page five of the 1933 Bisquick Cookbook, and tells how making Bisquick Biscuits are better than his mother used to make. It also illustrates how Bisquick makes difficult things quicker and easier to make. See and read this page

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