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Egg Recipes

Eggs Sunnysideup

On this page is a list of the different "egg" and breakfast recipe pages I have. There are lots of different things to make with eggs, but it all starts with breakfast first.

Also below are some tips for storing eggs.

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Egg and Breakfast Recipes

Storing Eggs Tip: A really fresh egg will sink and a stale one will float. To preserve left over egg yolks for future use, place them into a small bowl and add two tablespoons of salad oil. Then put them into the refrigerator. The egg yolks will remain soft and fresh, and egg yolks kept in this way can be used in many ways.

How long do eggs stay fresh?

There are several different quality of eggs being sold on the market today. On the top of the carton it will say AA or AAA. Triple A is a lower quality of eggs. As far as I know, as long as eggs are refrigerated they last a real long time. If you crack the egg carefully in a bowl, and the egg yellow breaks immediately then I would think twice about eating it. And also if it is bad, it will smell bad when you crack it too, like the commonly used phrase "rotten as an egg"

You really shouldn't keep eggs more than 11 days. If there is a special at the supermarket, just crack the eggs open and put them in the freezer. To use one egg at a time, put single eggs in the ice tray. When frozen, put the egg cubes in a sealed plastic bag. You can take out the cubes one at a time for daily use.

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