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On these pages are all the old recipes for home canning that I've been running across in my old cookbooks. These pages are an ongoing project, I keep adding more recipes as I run across them.

You know, the kind of home canning where you stood by and watched your mom or grandma do their thing in the kitchen.

I, myself, can remember my mother doing some homecanning even in the 1950's. I particularly remember her making Green Tomato Relish, and some jelly where she poured the paraffin on top. Most of the time she put us girls to work preparing the vegetables, and since I've been canning myself here lately, I find that it is easier to home-can if their are two people working together. Otherwise, you have to be very organized, and good at... juggling.

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Home Canning Pages

Dill Pickles - Lots of varieties of Dill pickles recipes.

Sweet Pickles - Bread and Butter, and refrigerator pickles

Relishes - Different varieties of homemade relishes

Salt Pickles - Crisp and Delicious

Russian Homecanning - Recipes for salt cabbage and Borscht.

Other Pickled Recipes - Pickled eggs, beets, tomatoes, vegetables, and even pickled fish. You don't have to pay the expensive price for pickled herring at the store.

Canning Red Tomatoes - Canning sauces, ketchup, and other cool recipes.

Green Tomatoes - What to do with all those green tomatoes?

Canning Fruits - Canning fruit is easier than you think!
Canning Apples; Canning Grapes; Canning Peaches; Canning Pears; Canning Plums

Jams and Preserves - Canned and frozen recipes

Jellies and Butters - Pumpkin Butter to apple jelly

Grapes - Some ideas on making grape juice and other old recipes from your bountiful grapevines.

Too Much Zucchini! - Recipes for all the zucchini in your garden. Make jam, relish, or fake pineapple.

Rules for your Garden

1st: Plant three rows of P's - Patience, Perseverance, Purity

2nd: Plant three rows of Squash - Squash gossip, Squash criticism, Squash indifference

3rd: Plant five rows of Lettuce - Let us be faithful to duty, Let us be unselfish and loyal, Let us be true to our own obligations, Let us obey rules, and regulations, Let us love one another

4th: No garden is complete without Turnips - Turn up for meetings, Turn up with a smile, Turn up with new ideas, Turn up with determination to make everything count for something good and worthwhile.

Have a great day!
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