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My Salt Pot

This summer it was so humid, and my salt refused to come out of the shaker. So I made a little salt pot. This little pot came from a free flea market that our town held. I was storing junk jewelry in it, but decided to put it to use in the kitchen. I did eventually put rice in my salt shaker, but I have really been enjoying using my little salt pot. It's not as big as it looks, it's tiny, about 3 inch diameter. All I do is take off the lid and grab a pinch.

I have created this Dinner Index page, so you will be able to easily navigate through the different recipe pages. You will find some traditional recipes, that are simple to make, and I have tried to add only recipes that have the fewest of ingredients.

Kitchen Tip: The first thing you should do when you go in the kitchen is make a sink full of hot soapy water, and as you use your cooking utensils, wash them.

Cooking Tip: For quick and handy seasoning while cooking, keep on hand a large shaker containing six parts of salt and one part of pepper. Also you can make your own seasoned salt.

Dinner Recipes

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