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Summer Supper Ideas

When I can't think of anything to fix for supper, I look at this list:
  1. spagetti
  2. fried potatoes
  3. soup/chili
  4. breakfast for supper
  5. hot dogs and mashed potatoes
  6. lazy cabbage
  7. a rice dish
  8. perogies
  9. hamburger and potato salad
  10. meatloaf and mashed potatoes
  11. pizza
  12. salmon patties
  13. fried fish

Summer Porch Supper

One of the best ways to beat summer heat is to eat supper on the porch or in the yard under a canopy of leaves. There is a menu just right for such a pleasant occasion, whether you've just the family or joined by friends. It's easy to fix too. Make your star performer a mixed vegetable salad from the Summer Salads page. Make it ahead of time, and also some deviled eggs.

The only last minute hot foods are beans and muffins. Fix some Calico Beans or the Beans hotdish, make some cornbread or muffins, and serve some wedges of cheese. Top it off with a cold summer punch recipe.

Food Tastes Better Outdoors

Have you noticed that? Anything you cook outside tastes better, because it mixes with fresh air while it is cooking.

One family I know in Southern South Dakota built a fireplace near the pond on their farm. Their best philosophy for a cookout is, "Don't hurry or fuss." Enjoy cooking your family's favorites, each one cooked to perfection."

I like to cook food bundles too. I wrap sliced potatoes in foil, fold tightly, and put them on the grill. See more camping and outdoor recipes.

Kids and Cooking
Even when my kids were little, I tried to teach them how to cook. I didn't want them leaving home, and living off the fast food joints for the rest of their lives.

But I don't want them living off of Hamburger Helper either, (even though sometimes it can be a quick dish to cook up.) So I've included some easy teen recipes, especially when it comes to snacks, like the Refrigerator Biscuits page. They use to call them Bake and Eat Biscuit Tubes.

Anyway, nowadays, people think women are miracle workers when it comes to putting food on the table. How easy it is just to give my kids ten bucks to go down to the local pizza shop for supper, but then two hours later they're hungry again, and ready for that late night snack.

If your kids are old enough, have them sit down a make a menu for the week with you. There's no reason why they can't be envolved in creating a menu, or even take turns cooking.

Here's some handy tips found in some old church cookbooks.

Ways to Use Leftovers

What to Make with Leftovers

What's for Dinner?

Food for Thought:
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