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Refined Sugar versus Fruit Sugar

Do yourself a favor, stop eating sugar. I saw a program on the history channel that said that sugar consumption in the United States has quadrupled in the past five years. They put some sort of sugar in everything it seems, and when I went to the store to try to find something sugarfree, everything had Splenda in it. Why is this? Why can't they use honey as a substitute sweetener?

All the artificial stuff they are selling us in the stores is mind boggling. It's no wonder we are not healthy, and health problems abound from Acne to Urinary Infections. See what fruits cure what conditions

Benefits of Fresh Fruit

"Fresh fruit contain both complex carbohydrates and simple sugars. Complex carbohydrates are more healthful than simple sugars because they are more slowly digested than simple sugars. Their energy is released more evenly over a longer period than the short bursts of the simple sugars. Although not as desirable as complex carbohydrates, the simple sugars found in fresh fruits come packaged with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. In this way, they differ from refined, white cane sugar."

Refined Sugar and Junk Foods

"The main health concern with refined, white cane sugar is that it is used in high concentrations associated with many junk foods that are "empty calorie foods." That is, they supply virtually no minerals, vitamins, complex carbohydrates, or fiber. Their only benefit is their sweet taste."

"The unbalanced energy of the sugars in junk foods causes obesity, tooth decay, over-acidic blood due to fermentation of the sugars in the stomach, and malnutrition. The latter occurs when there is a loss of hunger for balanced, health-producing food after becoming addicted to a junk foods diet. By comparison, it is difficult to overeat sugar in fruits or over-drink sugar in fruit juices. The sweetest fruits are far more nutritionally balanced than sugar packed junk foods. In short, it is unlikely that a person could become obese from overconsumption of sugar on a natural foods diet containing plenty of fresh fruit juice." (Source: The Juicing Book)

Sugar Feeds Infections, Bacteria, and Viruses

Even though this book doesn't mention it, I believe that eating sugar has a lot to do with feeding infections in your body, and I also think that it plays a "big" part in gum disease. So if you have gum disease, then stop eating sugar, because it is feeding the infection.

As far as recipes, I have pretty much struck out with finding recipes with honey in it, other than finding an article that says you can replace sugar with honey cup for cup. But honey is not cheap, so you might as well wean yourself off of sweet treats.

Say goodbye to cookies, cakes, candies, pies and ice cream. I myself, plan on getting some plain yogurt and sweetening it with honey, and trying that for my treat, along with some fruit to juice in my new juicer.

Dangerous Artificial Sweeteners Aspartame

Aspartame is a toxic food that came into the world as an investment, while ignoring the deadly effects the tests showed. From its history, its effects it's enough to shock anyone into really looking at there food labels next time they shop. Take a good look at some utube videos, it could save your life.

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