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Step 6: How to Make Icing Flowers

These instructions are from an old Wilton booklet from 1971. Their instructions are unique in the fact that they must have a huge variety of tips or tubes that you can purchase to make cake decorations. So if you don't have these tubes, I don't know if this page will help you.

The booklet starts out by saying, "The first icing flowers you are going to learn to make are the fastest and easiest ones - drop flowers.

And in addition to being fast and easy to make, each drop flower tube offers you two different flowers, so you can have lots of variety with just a few tubes.

Like all icing flowers, drop flowers can be made ahead of decorating day on wax paper and then frozen up to a week in the refrigerator. That's the real beauty of icing flowers - when you're ready to decorate, the flowers are ready too.

Make Two Different Flowers, Use Wilton's tube 16 and slightly stiffened icing."

Star Flowers

Star Drop Flower

Step 1. Hold tube perpendicular to practice surface, squeeze out a star flower, then stop pressure and lift off tube.

Step 2. Add a tiny dot center with tube 3 and you have a star flower.

Swirled Flowers

Swirled Drop Flower

Step 1. Hold tube perpendicular to surface with your hand turned as far left as possible. As you squeeze, turn your hand to the right as far as possible and stop pressure. See picture.

Step 2. Dot center with tube 3.

Practice Making Other Drop Flowers

Drop Flowers

Practice other Flowers: Use the same procedures as above to make two different floral varieties with each of the following tubes. Use different colored icings and make several of each flower.

Then on decorating day, simply lift the dry frozen flowers off the wax paper and place on the cake.

Use tube 21 to make very large plain and swirled star flowers. To decorate centers, hold tube 3 perpendicular to flower and as you squeeze, pull tube up and away, relaxing pressure as you form a peak of icing. Repeat for several center peaks.

Use tube 30 to make large plain and swirled star flowers, dotting flower centers with tube 3.

Use tube 33 to make two or more pretty drop flowers; then decorate centers with tube 3, dots or peaks of icing.

Now, lets learn How to Make Some Leaves.

Fancy Flowers

Icing Rosebud

Colorful flowers made of icing are probably the most admired cake decorations of all, and like any other decorating technique they require practice.

Since you've already practiced the easiest flowers to make, drop flowers, it's time to try some other popular varieties that are also made on a flat surface.

So get out your cookie sheet, tube 104, slightly stiffened icing, and let's practice the Sweet Pea and the Rosebud. Sweet Pea and the Rosebud page

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