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Simple Layer Wedding Cake

simple wedding cake

Below are some instructions to decorate this basic four layer wedding cake, with a cream or custard filling.

There are many ladies that would like to learn how to decorate a wedding cake. If you have not gone through the Basic Cake Decorating Tutorial, here is Step 1: Decorating Tools You Need

Make this Simple Wedding Cake

  • Waxed paper for divider
  • 1 9-inch foil covered cake board
  • 1 14-inch round cake plate or foil-covered cake board
  • Wooden pick
  • Star, leaf and round decorating tubes, bags and coupler
  • Purchased wedding cake ornament
  • Blue satin ribbon
  • Small skewer or sandwich pick

To prepare the divider: For a side pattern, divide waxed paper strip into six equal sections. Place marks about 1 inch down from top of cake. These marks indicate the top and bottom points of the drapes.

To prepare the frosting: Tint 1/2 cup blue. Leave 3 1/2 cups white. Cover frostings and set aside.

To prepare the cake: Level cake tops. Cut each cake horizontally to make two layers. Bevel top edge of one layer with a sharp knife for top cake (this "rounds" the edge for a smoother finish) Place one cake layer on smaller cake board; spread with one-third of the filling. Repeat twice and top with beveled layer. Smoothly crumb frost all surfaces with white frosting.(coat the entire cake with a smooth layer of very thin frosting to anchor any additional crumbs to the surface. Let stand until dry and set)

To ice the cake: Place cake on an elevated surface such as a shortening can. Carefully transfer fondant to cake by draping over your fists (remove all jewelry). Shape smoothly over cake, easing excess in around sides. Trim even with bottom of cake. Transfer cake to large cake plate or board.

simple wedding cake

To Decorate the Layered Cake

Place divider on cake and transfer markers with a wooden pick. Using the star tube and white frosting, and using the marks as a guide, pipe six zigzag drapes around the cake as follows:

1. Hold the decorating bag at a 45 degree angle to the cake. Starting at one top mark, touch tube to surface and pipe a zigzag border to form six drapes all around the cake.
Zigzag border

2. Above the points where drapes meet, pipe six fleur-de-lis.

3. Pipe a large reverse shell border around base of cake.
Reverse Shell border

4. Using the round tube and white frosting, pipe two rows of drop strings over zigzag drapes.
Drop strings

5. Using the round tube and blue frosting, pipe a dot at the base of each reverse shell in the border.
Dots and balls

6. Using the star tube and blue frosting, pipe a star at the base of each fleur-de-lis

7. Using the leaf tube and blue frosting, pipe elongated ruffled leaves (pic) that drop from the high points of the zigzag drapes to the base border.
Ruffled Leaves


8. Top cake with ornament. Make a ribbon bow and fasten to top of cake with a small skewer or sandwich pick.


Note: If custard filling is used, the finished cake must be stored in the refrigerator. Also fondant coating will be moist and pliable if stored in the refrigerator.

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